Authorised Vandalism

Director, animator, writer, poet

In this short poetic animation, we are guided up the stem of a plant while exploring ideas around public space and considering what can constitute as vandalism.

What is vandalism?

There is vandalism that is villainised, illegal

Teens with spray cans and markers

Drunks armed with traffic cones and shattered glass

A building burning

To damage another’s property, that is vandalism

But what about vandalism through stupidity, through neglect, through apathy, through greed, through meanness or through sheer ignorance?

Because you see, one person’s improvement is another person’s van


What about development? One person’s development could be another’s vandalism

A vampire’s development, built for the soulless

A pseudo space for all, pseudo people, pseudo rules

I have a lot of love for this country, for the hills and woodland, the rivers and streams that give so relentlessly, they are the stuff of dreams, but they sleep restlessly

Because their relatives in the city, the scarce spaces of green, are shrouded with visions of advancing concrete

I am no threat to the land, to the grass, I will love her with my full heart

But now I fear for my rights, for our rights to unite

They know that when the people stand together, we stand together with might

We are the biggest threat against the agenda of the soulless and the empty hearted

So help us, love thy neighbour, we must be free to stand with strangers and sing and chant on this captive land

These spaces of green should be our fundamental sanctuary

Don’t cut away our rights at the stem

Could this be authorised vandalism?

Poem by Rowan Hanson-Iles